Editing and compositing

Compositing course


OVERVIEW Editing and compositing course designed for the student who wants to make a career in the VFX industry. The program starts with the basic understanding of how Computer Graphic works. We then expose students to layer based and node based Compositing software. Students learn all important areas of compositing such as Rotoscopy, Color Correction, Paint, Wire Removal and Tracking etc.

Become a professional artist
This program starts with the introduction of Computer Graphics. Then the program covers layer based and node-based compositing tools which cover rotoscoping, colour correction, keying, Tracking etc. A student will compile VFX assignments to build the portfolio.

- Learn an advanced technical skill
- Learn complete Post-Production Pipeline
- Placement support


Computer Graphics Colour correction, Digital paint Masking - Layer, vector, quick Multilayer compositing, Image manipulation, Text Effects, Matte paint.
Digital Compositing – 1
Motion Graphics Compositing Rendering, 3D object based particle (Plug-in), Basic workflow, Working with 3D object, Creating 3D object, Materials, Particle, Replicators Integrating with After Effects, Animation Engine.
Digital Compositing – 2
Animation, dopesheet and curve editor, Rotoscop,e Colour Management, Tracking, stabilizing Planner, Tracking Keying Camera, Projection Camera, tracking Re-lighting, Rotopaint, node Clean-up.
Digital Compositing – 3
Advance motion blur roto, Use of tracking (1-point and 2-point) in roto, Silhouette default planner tracker, Mocha Tracker Spinning and occlusion, Hair Roto, Roto using IK Stereo, Roto Keying, Advance Paint, advance Warping, Morphing Power Matte.